When you're at the machine press the settings button here and then increase cutting amount when you do that it says enter the redeem code which is on this QR label on each pack yeah enter this number here and press redeem now and then it will activate each pack each pack you have to do that with the other option would be to download the cut app in the app store for Google or iPhone and then that would be able to use this app you have to do a one time setup in the app to put your serial number which is actually on the back of the machine on this uh barcode label put the serial number in the app and then you'll have it on your phone so you can actually use the camera to scan this code so it makes a little bit easier than entering this in but either way this code has to be entered in the machine any new packs that a user gets has to put it in the machine my recommendation is to as soon as you get a pack in the mail to go ahead and all your packs go ahead and enter them all into the machine that it's going to be used on therefore if something happens to the sticker you're not stuck with no Cuts so that's what needs to be done that's how our ecosystem works together and how we're able to keep up with all the cuts because we know that the film will get activated into the machine. If you have already input the serial numbers from each pack into the system and still need additional cuts added to your machine, please fill out this form: https://axiomarmor.com/pages/screenfilm™-machine-cut-count-replenish