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Snakeskin Series Back Skin - Burnt

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High Quality, Fully Textured Back Skins.

Great Durability - Made with vinyl-like material that helps protect against dings, scratches, and wear and tear of everyday use.

Our sharp, sleek, raised ink, textured patterns and designs won't peel or fade and will make your device stand out in the crowd! And, if you ever want to remove it, ScreenFilm™ Back Skins will peel off cleanly with no sticky residue.

This is truly Protection you can feel!


*To be used with the ScreenFilm™ Cutting System.

* These are to be applied just like a front ScreenFilm™ screen protectors.

Phone Size MSRP - $39.99

*For use only with the Axiom Armor™ ScreenFilm™ system. 

* Must lower pressure in machine settings to 2.

***Don't Forget to Scan/Enter QR code Sticker from packaging into ScreenFilm™ machine to increase machine cut count!***

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Snakeskin Series Back Skin - Burnt

£4.00 GBP