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Privacy ScreenFilm™ Screen Protectors - 20 Pack

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Axiom Armor™ Privacy ScreenFilm™ is a small, phone size matte, flexible hydrogel screen protector perfect for Phones, Wearables, Handheld Game Systems and more, that protects against premature wear, scratches and damage. It is fully compatible with curved screens. Our Privacy ScreenFilm™ makes your screen invisible to onlookers, therefore giving you the freedom to work on sensitive information on the go without the risk of others seeing your private data.

ScreenFilm™ provides great impact protection. It's also nice to the touch and feels like glass, which allows input devices such as Samsung’s S-Pen and Apple’s Apple Pencil to glide across the surface area without resistance. Our Privacy ScreenFilm™ is available in Phone size sheets.


*Privacy ScreenFilm™ is not compatible with in-screen fingerprint readers*

*Please remember to use "matte" cuts in the app that cut out for Face ID and cameras! This Privacy ScreenFilm™ can not go over Face ID or camera.


Available in:

Small (All Wearables & Phones)




*0.17 mm thickness 

*Sold in Packs of 20 

*For use only with the Axiom Armor ScreenFilm system. 

***Don't Forget to Scan/Enter QR code Sticker from packaging into ScreenFilm™ machine to increase machine cut count!***

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Privacy ScreenFilm™ Screen Protectors - 20 Pack

$84.99 USD