Axiom Armor™ Phone & Tablet Liquid Glass Screen Protector

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Axiom Armor™'s unique silicon dioxide Liquid Glass Screen Protector fills in the microscopic pores in your phone, tablet, computer, game system or wearable’s glass screen and cures to create a stronger, more durable surface that will protect your device against its screen being damaged! The Axiom Armor™ Liquid Glass Screen Protector is fully compatible with all glass screens on all devices such as phones, tablets, handheld game systems and wearables, and works perfectly with curved and foldable screens. It also does not affect fingerprint sensor operation, and is 100% invisible after application.

Each Axiom Armor™ Liquid Glass Screen Protector kit includes 2 Pre-Moistened cleaning cloths, 2 drying cloths and a microfiber towel, and takes just a few minutes to install!


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