Axiom Armor™ Classic ScreenFilm™ Screen Protectors - 20 Pack

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Axiom Armor™ Classic ScreenFilm™ is a glossy, flexible hydrogel screen protector perfect for Phones, Tablets, Wearables, Handheld Game Systems and more, that protects against premature wear, scratches and damage. It is fully compatible with curved screens and in-screen fingerprint readers.

ScreenFilm™ is a Hydrogel, chemically-enhanced material whose properties include scratch resistance, elasticity, oil and grease resistance and increased toughness. Our ScreenFilm™ has built-in elasticity properties that give it it’s self-healing abilities. This also means that its slight softness gives it the power to absorb impact, such as drops and scratches, while retaining its original composition.

ScreenFilm™ provides great impact protection in an invisible way. It's also nice to the touch and feels like glass, which allows input devices such as Samsung’s S-Pen and Apple’s Apple Pencil to glide across the surface area without resistance.


*See installation video in the images of this product page.


WEARABLE SIZE (all wearables) MSRP - $19.99 (Requires Small ScreenFilm™)

PHONE SIZE (all phones) MSRP - $29.99 (Requires Small ScreenFilm™)

SMALL TABLET SIZE (up to 10.5") MSRP - $39.99 (Requires Medium (up to 10.5”) ScreenFilm™)

LARGE TABLET SIZE (up to 12.9")MSRP - $49.99 (Requires Medium-Large (up to 12.9”) ScreenFilm™ & ScreenFilm™ XL or ScreenFilm™ 2.0 machine)

LARGE TABLET/COMPUTER SIZE (up to 15") MSRP - $59.99 (Requires Large (up to 15”) ScreenFilm™ & ScreenFilm™ XL or ScreenFilm™ 2.0 machine)


*0.11mm thickness 

*Sold in Packs of 20 

*For use only with the Axiom Armor™ ScreenFilm™ system. 

Purchase ScreenFilm™ System Here

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