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AKKO Screen Warranty Activation Code - $300

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Powered by AKKO, this One Year Screen Warranty is a great way to give your customer addition peace of mind with their ScreenFilm™ purchase! And, if you are a repair shop this can be a great retention tool! If the customer's screen breaks within one year after registration, and they come back to you for the repair, AKKO pays you your normal repair price (up to coverage amount), with a ZERO DOLLAR deductible for your customer! *You must be an approved AKKO repair shop to do the warranty work! Click HERE to register if you’re not already! 

How it works:

  1. Install any of our ScreenFilm or our Liquid Glass Screen Protection, and purchase an activation code here with coverage enough for a retail price screen replacement. 
  2. Take note of the activation code after checkout. (It will also be instantly emailed to you)
  3. Click Here to begin the warranty registration.
  4. Customer gets text to complete warranty registration.
  5. After completion, they are covered for a one year period if their screen breaks!


Coverage MSRP (excluding screen protector sale)


$300 Screen Warranty Coverage

Discounts not available for Warranty Codes

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AKKO Screen Warranty Activation Code - $300

$33.00 USD